2020 - Best Places to Buy and Sell Cards

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We recently got asked about best places to buy and sell cards.  Despite thinking everyone knows the best places, whenever you get into talking, many dealers and collectors still are unfamiliar with several good choices these days.  In this post we will look at some of the best places which will feature some obvious ones, but maybe some you didn't know about or try yet.

To begin, out favorite is a shameless plug for our website.  We always have new cards coming in and our site is a place we have to mention here.  We carry sports and non-sports and are always buying, so feel free to contact us!


We always have lots of new cards listed on eBay in our eBay storefront!  Besides that eBay is a place the vast majority of the hobby is familiar with and uses.  If you have not bought there before, it is among the safest places, with the widest selection.  It is not without fault, but it's been a big part of the hobby for nearly 20 years now.  Any cards, any set, you are probably going to see it there sometime.


Check Out My Cards has become a huge player in sportscards and has made progress in comic books.  We have had a port on COMC for years now here:  Collect The Hobby.   We stock thousands of cards in all 4 sports, as well as non-sports there.  The reason it has grown so much is that COMC handles all of the transactions on location in Washington.  Sellers ship there items in and then COMC scans lists them for sale on their site.   When a buyer comes, they pay a flat shipping fee and can order from thousands of sellers in one easy shipment.   It saves collectors a lot of money vs paying each seller on eBay or other venues.  It's become a leader for set collectors to easily complete a set by purchasing singles that way.


Sportlots has become the king of common sportscards to help set builders with the ability to buy bulk inexpensively.  We are not currently active selling there, but it is a nice place to fill out sets if you are on a budget.  They have a rating system like eBay to help you find trustworthy collectors and dealers to work with.

Are there more?

Beyond these top sites above, there are many niche websites that help you buy and sell sportscards with different models, the most popular being consignment.  This is when you consign your collection to a dealer or auction house and they sell your cards for you for a fee.  When the buyers pay you are given the proceeds after the fee is taken by the auction house.  Although this method usually costs more to sell, it saves a lot of time, especially if you do not know as much about sportscards.  Some of these sites special in certain types of cards or sports or even non-sports.  Bargains can be found outside of the usual sites on these other niche sites.  The best website to find these sites now is auction report.  Auction report updates often with dates of sales and links to many of these sites.  Take a look!

We hope this helps you find more places to buy and sell!

If you ever need any more specific help with your sportscards collection, feel free to contact us.  For more general information on collecting, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, instagram, or pinterest!


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