Holiday Shopping Season 2014 in collectibles!

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For some it's too early to start saying it is the holiday season... but for others lights are up, meal planning has begun and shopping is well under way!  If you haven't finished shopping for the 2014 season yet, then this post should be helpful to you if you are seeking collectibles for yourself or as a gift! 

What's 2014 looking like at Collect The Hobby?

For this year we have lots of great items to pick up for yourself or a loved one!  In addition to the listings on this website, a lot of our inventory has now been moved to, where you can visit their site and buy cards from us.  They are an organization that handles a lot of the logistical aspects of selling baseball cards on behalf of another seller.  The cards, both sportscards and non-trading cards are shipped to their warehouse.  They are scanned on both sides for buyers and loaded onto their website by them.   The cards are safely stored and insured at their warehouse.  When you order anything, they will ship them to you.  It allows us to get a lot more different cards available to you, especially for newer cards with the various variations in today's hobby. 

For the Holidays in 2014 our entire inventory is on sale through Cyber Monday, December 1st, 2014!   You can take a look at our current COMC listings and use the filter on the left to search for your favorite players or teams!  The icing on this cake is free shipping until the end of sale is included no matter how many singles you purchase!

We also have lots of new cards listed on eBay in our eBay storefront!  We are shipping same day as much as possible during the holidays this year!   All items will be shipped within 24 hours!  Please consider planning ahead for any holiday gifts in terms of time!  Let us know if we can help you find anything in particular by contacting us!

Lastly we are having a sale on supplies to protect your favorite collectible trading cards!  We carry some of the industry's finest products from toploaders to albums and pages to magnetic one touch holders!  We have a great selection on our website now!

What are some of the hottest products in the collectibles market now?

We know some areas have been red hot for awhile.  Anything Mike Trout or Clayton Kershaw is way up in 2014.  Garbage Pail Kids continue to be a popular area of collecting.  Vintage sportscards, especially pre-1960 in higher grades has continued its meteoric rise over the past 5 years.  How about new things to watch and possibly things you haven't considered yet this year?

One you may not have heard of yet are OYO sports collectible figures.  These "dudes" have been gaining quickly in popularity in the past 12 months.  They have been released in series.  Right now they are licensed for the NFL, MLB, and the NHL.  Many of the best players and teams have figures already.  They hope to have an NBA deal in place soon.  A quick and easy way to get them is from reputable sellers on eBay.  Some of the series 1 sets and figures are already creeping up in value now.  The hottest release of the season are definitely the new NHL goalie "dudes".

For trading cards there are plenty of new sportscards sets coming out in December including Bowman Draft baseball, Topps Chrome football, Panini Prizm basketball and Upper Deck Black Diamond hockey to name some of our favorites.  However we think the coolest new product will be a non-sport product from Topps, Doctor Who trading cards.  You can find and take a look at some on eBay.  There will be Blue, Red and gold parallels with printing plates.  Insert sets include Memorable Moments, Companions, The Doctor is in, TARDIS Travel, and Stitch in Time sets.  There will be autographs, dual autographs and cut autographs in this one!  And lastly... a variety of relic cards of pieces used or worn on the show.  Boxes have 24 packs in them with 8 cards per pack, making us think this will be a solid value!

In video games for younger players its looking like Skylanders has one more run in them with the new Trap Team starter packs and related figures being released.  Elementary and up to middle school students, both boys and girls love this series still.  The best of the collectibles are the first series figures that are more challenging.  The Darklight Crypt with Ghost Roaster continues to sell for huge premiums over what they were in stores.  Try and find some of these lately?  Very scarce still.  Another title sure to do really well with its following is Super Smash Bros on WiiU!  The latest is there will be Amiibo NFC-enabled characters that you can use with the WiiU controller to insert your favorite guys into the game!  The figures will have two way data streams back and forth to save!  Kids can't get enough of this! 

For older gamers, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on all systems will be very hot this year!  New graphics engines, new exo-suit and it's Call of Duty?  Best selling game of the year candidate again!  A new installment, Assassin's Creed - Unity is part of the mix.  More new graphics and a fan favorite should be popular as always.  There is a new World of Warcraft expansion coming.  Perhaps the most engulfing thing for 2014 will be a new Dragon Age installment called Dragon Age: Inquisition.  This one is supposed to have roughly 50 hours of main gameplay and approximately 100 hours of sidequests!  This one will take a lot of time to tackle, you were warned!  Will any of these games in unopened condition be very valuable in 25 years?  Will be fun to watch.

What do you think?

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on what collectibles you will be looking for this year!   Happy Holidays to everyone in 2014 and beyond!

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