A question we get often: What should I collect?

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It's a question we get fairly often in regards to sportscards and non-sportscards.  The answer honestly varies a lot for different people.  For some, you have been collecting for a long time already and you are looking for something new.  In other cases you have never collected, but you are searching for a cool new hobby to relax with.  In this post we will go over some common ways we see people collect that you could begin with or add to your existing collection with.  

By player or character

It's definitely been a favorite for as long as we can remember.  Collecting your favorite player or character can be tremendous fun.  Throughout trading card history there have been many manufacturers and sets made, so the choices are great.  You can spend very little or a lot and it's still fun to do by player or character regardless.  The downside with this way is sometimes depending on who you have chosen, this can get very cumbersome to those completion driven collectors.  By player or character is best when you aren't going to try to acquire everything out there, but more your favorite designs and your favorite sets.

By set

By set is another hugely popular way to collect cards.  This way gives those who like a finish line the most fun.  Most sets have certain number of cards to acquire making getting every card a reality.  Some collectors love the thrill of the hunt to completion.  Something to watch out for are sets with very rare cards, these can be frustrating to some.  Often times these sets do not get finished and collectors five up in frustration.   You should always shoot for a set that is manageable for you.  For some a 10 card set is plenty, for others its 100 cards as that takes longer than 10 and is more of a challenge.  By set is easiest when you set a budget first.

By team/theme

Collecting by a person's favorite team is big.  Always fun to buy your favorite players on your favorite team.  There are many way to collect by theme which always keeps this way exciting.  Some may collect sportscards by rookie cards of Hall of Fame members of a sport.  That gives you a set list of players to get at first and then one can update each year for new inductees.  These sets usually feature very desirable and valuable cards.  Many other themes can be a lot of fun as well.  Examples are by players who only played one year or by Pokemon of a certain type.  Maybe you collect a Garbage Pail Kid for each person in your family.  Maybe players with very unusual names.  The different ways you can collect by theme are only limited by your imagination.

By year

We have met collectors who collect everything made during the year they were born or the year a child was born.  You could choose any year for any reason.  All sports, all non-sports, from all countries... any cards made during the year they were born.  This one can be very fun as it paints a picture of what life was like for some during the time you were born.  It makes for a superb conversation starter to people who do not collect and likely showcases a great variety of sets.  The challenge for some years may be a very large amount of cards to collect, but that could be great to others. 

By value or scarcity

Some collect cards by value or rarity.  They will collect the most popular players and characters, but make sure it coincides with the most valuable cards.  Other valuable cards are usually rare cards, some only collect cards that are very difficult to find.   This can be fun to many who collect with an eye towards making a profit from what they collect.  This way can be very exciting, but the downside is increased risk.  Many cards that are very popular or rare with higher values can sell for unsustainable or irrational prices.  Many of these prices are temporary or change suddenly.  We have seen some people take some giant losses collecting this way, so we don't recommend collecting by value or scarcity for newer collectors.  If this style is of interest, we recommend wading into this slowly and learning as much as you can before spending a lot of money.

These are the ways we most often see collectors help them decide what to collect.  There are of course more ways to collect and they are only limited by your imagination.  We hope this can help you start or add to your own collection very soon.

If you ever need help with your sportscards or non-sportscards collection, feel free to contact us.  We would also welcome some comments below if you have any other questions or thoughts on this post.  For more general information on sportscards and collectibles, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, instagram, or pinterest!

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