#TBT Throwback Thursday: Sportscards 25 years ago - 1990 Donruss Pack

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In this throwback Thursday post we decided to go back to 1990 one more time to continue looking at the last 25 years in the hobby and rip a pack!

We selected one we remember fondly... 1990 Donruss baseball.  We had many good times, going to the corner store or the mall or the bowling alley and buying packs for $0.50 each.  These days wax boxes are cheaper than they were in 1990 and the cards aren't worth as much due to big production levels during the 1980s baseball card expolsion.   If you collected then, you will remember it as the one with the polarizing red borders and the Carl Yastrzemski puzzle pieces included in every pack.  Wax packs came 16 cards each and the big pulls were star players, "Rated Rookie" cards, Diamond Kings, and most importantly error cards.  The Juan Gonazalez Reverse Negative error was a huge chase card.  There were several hot All-star error cards.  The most notable overall in 1990 were the two Nolan Ryan cards for his 5,000 Strikeouts and his Diamond Kings being made with the backs switched on the error versions.

1990 Donruss Wax Pack

The packs came like this... wrapped in paper and sealed with wax

The best hits in one pack for old times sake...

1990 Donruss Barry Bonds
#126 Barry Bonds
#121 John Smoltz
#111 Roberto Alomar
1990 Donruss Jose Canseco
#125 Jose Canseco

At that time, what a pack!

To pull Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, and Hall of Famers John Smoltz and Roberto Alomar in the same pack is a big win for 1990 Donruss!  The others were Jose Rijo, Joe Magrane, John Kruk, Jesse Orosco, Ron Kittle, Julio Franco, Chili Davis, Hubie Brooks, Kurt Stillwell, Joe Carter, and Lee Smith

1990 Donruss cards held little value as the key card for many years was the Sammy Sosa rookie card, which has plummeted in value due to his downfall in popularity over the years.  The Aqueous Test cards have held up very well however.  These are 1990 Donruss cards that have "Aqueous Test" stamped on the back of them.  It was a test set of cards Donruss did to try out a new glossy surface and some amount of wax boxes was leaked, but clearly not many.  On occasion sealed packs still come up for sale, but be careful buying them as there have also been fakes made.  Many of these cards can bring over $1,000 each nowadays depending on the player.  It is unknown if every card was made and thus if a complete set is possible to make.  New cards do appear on occasion sometimes when a pack has been found and opened.  Very unusual and rare cards to say the least.

A great trip down memory lane!

We hope you enjoyed this quick break of 1990 Donruss!   Let us know if are breaking any packs or boxes of other sets anytime!

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