#TBT Throwback Thursday: Sportscards 30 years ago - 1985 Topps Rack Pack

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For the last blog of the year we are going to keep it short and sweet and do another throwback Thursday post!   It's the 30th anniversary of 1985 Topps, so it's perfect to rip a sealed rack pack we had saved for an occasion or the itch to open something older!

This one was in huge demand at times since 1985 as it features most notably the rookie cards of Roger Clemens, Kirby Puckett, Mark McGwire, Orel Hershiser, and Dwight Gooden and many popular singles of some legendary Hall of Famers.  Late cards of Pete Rose have continued to get more popular as years pass as well.  During the big homerun years packs of 1985 got to be extremely expensive, but they have become very affordable in recent years after it came to light how some of these guys excelled.  Nonetheless, high grade cards in this set still sell very well 30 years later and are worth hanging on to with the level of popularity this set had, nostalgia buyers will exist forever. 

1985 Topps Rack Pack

The rack packs came wrapped in clear plastic with 48 total cards

1985 Topps Rack Pack reverse

If you were around in 1985...remember always checking the front AND back for your favorites!

The best hits in this pack...

1985 Topps #625 Mark Langston Rookie Card
#625 Mark Langston Rookie Card - NM
1985 Topps #549 Mike Scioscia
#549 Mike Scioscia NM-MT
1985 Topps Baseball Card Commons

Oil Can and Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter (300 saves and 1979 NL Cy Young) - Mint

What could have been?!

The story today is what could have been with this set?  It's certainly still one of the most memorable sets made in the 1980s, but for now it is tainted for many fans as the big rookie cards are Mark McGwire and Roger Clemens who are both linked to PED use and prices have come down significantly.  Like any scandal time may make their cards remain popular to some for years to come though.  Kirby Puckett is still beloved and he will always be popular.   In the end, we think at today's prices, this set has returned to being a fun rip for the money and it should stay that way for a long time to come.  The cards vary in condition but you can certainly find mint cards still.

Thanks for another great year!

We hope you enjoyed this quick break of 1985 Topps!   We had some good times in 2015, let's hope 2016 is even better!  Let us know if are breaking any packs or boxes of other sets anytime!  If you have some cool memories of 1985 Topps, please comment below!

If you ever need help with your sportscards collection, feel free to contact us.  We would also welcome some comments below if you have any other questions or thoughts on this post.  For more general information on sportscards, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, instagram, or pinterest!

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